Local Law 84: Comply with Ease, Trust our Experience

You need to comply with Local Law 84 if...

  • Your property includes one building larger than 50,000 gross sqft.
  • Two of your buildings on the same tax lot comprise more than 100,000 gross sqft in total.
  • Two or more buildings of your buildings that together exceed 100,000 gross sqft are held in condominium ownership and governed by the same board of managers.

Properties matching these criteria are required to submit annual benchmarking data no later than May 1st of each year to comply with Local Law 84. 

With experience benchmarking more than 900 buildings each year, Bright Power's expert team offers benchmarking services that not only allow you to comply with the law, but to actually gain valuable insights into the energy usage of your buildings. Using our proprietary EnergyScoreCards software, we are able to analyze your building's performance and generate reports that will allow you to make smart, effective energy management decisions.

For more information about Local Law 84, energy benchmarking, or Bright Power's services, we can be reached by phone at 212-803-5868 or online using this contact form.

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